Saturday, December 13, 2008

Passwords and World of Warcraft

I realize I haven't updated this in a while so I'm here to remedy that. When I tried to log in, though, I found that I couldn't remember my password. I did finally remember it, but that was slightly scary.

In other news, I decided to try the free ten-day trial of World of Warcraft and I really liked it. I can see how people become addicted to it and end up losing their social lives and any shred of a close relationship to it. Well, aside from the relationships you may form with others who have opted to spend more of their time in the game world instead of reality. I'm probably being a little harsh, I'm sure there's plenty of players who are able to still live healthy and happy lives along with playing a bit of WoW every now and then. My point is that I can see just how easy it would be to spend all of your waking hours clicking away to oblivion (if you've ever played another famous Blizzard game, Diablo II, you already know what I'm talking about).

Now, I'm struggling with the decision to actually start paying for this game. It's a tough one, because it isn't cheap. That's how the game maker sucks you, gives it to you for free for ten days, hooks you, and then expects you to pay for it! But, that's for another blog. We'll see.