Wednesday, January 28, 2015

January 28, 2015 - or 650 Days Since My Last Post

Boy, is it ever dusty in here.

Fake football? A new job?

Wow, that's old news! Except for the fake football thing. I still play it. I just never documented any of my adventures. If you, constant reader, have learned anything about's that I rarely follow through on anything I promise in this blog. I mean, it's been 650 days since my last post. Do you want to know what's happened in that time? I played golf like five times! I bought a different car! Wanda's gotten two crowns on her teeth!

Oh, we even had a baby! Yes, ol' irresponsible Nate and his wonderful, loving, responsible wife had a beautiful baby boy named Erik. He was born 5/23/14 and has been the greatest little guy anybody could ask for and Wanda and I love him more than anything.

Life has been quite different since Erik arrived. I think the two cats have been properly traumatized with his arrival but they have been slowly coming around. We've even been teaching him how to pet them gently. I'm sure when he starts crawling (so close!) and then walking he'll be terrorizing them. But for now they tolerate him and sometimes even come close to sniff him every once in a while.

And I think I'm done for now. The chasm between wanting to write and actually writing anything is vast for me. Nearly infinite. And I have no more words at the moment. I hope to have more soon. For now, enjoy this dispatch from the void!