Thursday, June 30, 2011

Goings Ons and Suchs

My, it's been quite a while since I've posted anything on here. I've been tidying up some email business and decided to dust off this blog a bit as well. I also decided to stop importing it into my Notes on Facebook. Why? Dunno, maybe I'm tired of linking everything with my Facebook page. The inevitable Facebookization of the universe. Or maybe I'm just prepping to jump ship to Google+, whenever I can scare up an invite! Took me a few minutes to figure out how to stop importing into Facebook: had to go to their help page, had to search for Notes on Facebook, took me to the first result which was the wrong one, clicked for all search results, thought I found the right one, instead it was a fan page or something for Notes which had porn on it (good move, Facebook), went back to search results, sorted by Apps, finally found the real Notes page, and was finally able to click 'Stop Importing.' Nice.

Anyway--funny thing, listening to the Dan Patrick Show, which is my favorite (and pretty much only) podcast, Dan and the Danettes were at the premier of the show Damages last night and were discussing it on today's show along with social etiquette. When someone says at an awkward point in a conversation at a party, "Anyway . . ." that's a blow-off. That person is done with you! It was funny.

Anyway . . . I'm not blowing you off, I'm just changing the subject a bit. I'm back in school now, at Union College here in good ol' Nebraska studying Information Technology. No mas at Nelnet, just felt it was time to take a crack at figuring out what I really want to do when I grow up. Hopefully I can find a job I enjoy and that pays enough. That's all anyone can ask for I suppose, right?

In an update to much much older post, I've upgraded my College Football gaming experience by a few years. I've been playing NCAA Football 11 on my Xbox 360 and have found it to be an enjoyable (and occasionally frustrating, which Wanda can attest to. I can be one of those dreaded poor-sport babies) game with solid graphics and gameplay. I'm currently spending my time crafting Nate Johnson from College View Academy into a legendary Syracuse running back in the Road to Glory feature. Before that I won five straight National Titles with Nebraska before hanging it up there. My current dynasty is with the Florida International Golden Panthers who I've improved enough to get an invite to the ACC, finally moving out of the whipping-post Sun Belt conference. Gotta love those fake sports. I'm thinking that I should probably fill up as much on fake sports as I can and gobble up all the real college football this fall that I can handle, because it's still not looking super great for there to be an NFL season this year. If I had the NFL Network (hello, Time Warner Cable and the NFL!) I could at least watch Canadian football and Arena football. Alas, I do not. So all I've got is baseball this summer. Someone suggested I should start watching soccer, but I don't know if I can get into that or not. I suppose it would be worth a shot. But that would be cutting into my fake sports time. Gotta love those priorities! No more 'gotta loves', I've already had two.

Okay, this is getting very rambly, I could go on for much longer, but I think this is as good a place as any to end for now. Anyway . . .

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