Saturday, January 14, 2012

Some Thoughts on NBC News from my Google+ Page

This is just the text from my latest post on Google+:

Sad that NBC News seems to be actively censoring their Google+ and Facebook pages with any mentions of NDAA or SOPA. Seemingly more so on their Facebook page. I am so disgusted and disillusioned with mainstream media. Also, I'm disheartened by the path that this country is heading down. I've always wanted to believe in a bright future for our country and for the world, but I don't think that's a reality.

Yes, I know that there are terrible people in the world and that evil acts occur everyday. But I've always held to the belief that good will triumph over evil. That people eventually come to their senses. I suppose that's naive of me.

P.S. Funny thing, I just added the Facebook link for NBC while I was working on that last paragraph and the link showed up below with the description "A leading source of global news and information for more than 75 years." They should change that to read "A leading source of approved global news and information for more than 75 years." Makes me chuckle a bit.

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