Monday, February 6, 2012

What the Hordes Pick

This article from Gawker about the People's Choice Awards made me think of when the "favorites" or "most popular" turd monkeys were chosen to be included in various iterations of my high school yearbook. Creed and Britney Spears and Dean Koontz and BMWs, oh my! I think it's in poor form to have high schoolers choose anything. Apparently, it's also in poor form to have coddled troglodytes of America pick things. Yes, these are awards and selections that are based on popularity. Not what is the best. But doesn't it still piss you off just a little?

Of course, the Oscars are a big sham, too. But at least the Academy's picks are a bit closer to the mark of artistry and true talent.

Carry on.

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