Sunday, July 12, 2009

My Library

I'm in the process of cataloging my book collection online. This is something I've had an itch to do for a while, and now on this Sunday afternoon, I'm doing it! In doing so, I've come across quite a few books I've had for a long time. Books I remember reading during many a long, boring, lonely summer as an only child growing up in Kearney, Nebraska. Good times, good memories. There's also plenty of books I have that I haven't read yet. And, there's some that elicit a chuckle or two. Like, Smooth Operators. A birthday gift from my early days of knowing Wanda. She sure knew just what to get a guy like me with such little fashion sense.

I'm probably doing more work than I need to be doing, but I'm cataloging both on Facebooks visual bookshelf and Library Thing. Check them out, it's a fun way to spend some time and maybe it will come in handy someday. Maybe, if I forget what books I own. Or something like that.

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