Friday, December 16, 2011

Did I Speak Too Soon?

Gizmodo says: Don't buy a french press!

Crap. Maybe I shouldn't buy a french press. Then again, I'm not out to become a coffee guru who intensely analyzes coffee extraction and all the wondrous characteristics of the caffeine I'm about to consume. I also don't want to chew my coffee. I'd be willing to noodle around a bit with a french press and see what I came up with. If my efforts should fail miserably and I'm left with soggy coffee chaw, I can chalk the whole thing up to experience. Onward!

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TheGreyKlerik said...

Dude get a French press! Being a "coffee snob " is optional, you can get one for very reasonable and it really cuts the bitterness down tremendously. I have one and I love it with all my coffee loving heart I think it is a purchase you will not soon regret