Sunday, March 22, 2009

Flash; Thunder

There's nothing quite like the tickle of anticipation and slight unease in the pit of your stomach as you await the arrival of an impending summer thunderstorm. It's almost as if the hairs on the back of your neck are standing up and you've been kicked in the gut. Standing out on someones porch or talking nervously in a parking lot while you feel the charge of all the particles in the air and a filmy haze seems to descend upon you and your surroundings. The coming storm, ready to unleash a violent and yet gentle lashing upon the earth. Scouring the soil of all its troubles and your mind of all its heartache and pain, if not for just a little while. Again, there's nothing quite like it. The crazed yet silent calm of a blizzard is close, but still no match for the thunderstorm. It's mesmerizing and therapeutic to sit at a window and watch, or to stand out amidst the deluge.

I hear there are some storms that are supposed to come to Lincoln tomorrow. It may only be March, but I hope we get something that's at least close to a summer storm. I could use some good weather therapy.

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