Friday, November 21, 2008

Here I Am Again . . . On A Blog.

Well, I've decided to start an official blog here at Yes, I know there have been many a sloppy and ranting mess on MySpace and pitiful notes on Facebook, but this is the real, official, no holds barred deal. I'm not sure what I'm going to write about, but I know I'd like to write something. Anything, really. I recently tried (and failed) to write a blog on MySpace about my favorite college football teams from each state. I suppose it was an attempt to spur some words to fall from my brain and through my fingers onto ye olde webbe. Of course, as in most of my attempts at anything, I didn't follow through and now that blog sits amidst the cyber dust bunnies. I'll start simple, maybe with a list or two.

Random (or are they?) things I appreciate:

-The Miami Dolphins
-Caffeine in general
-Board games
-the Grand Theft Auto game franchise

Terrible, terrible songs that I hear over and over again at work:

-These Days by Bardot
-Summer Sunshine by The Corrs
-Countless others I haven't bothered to figure out the names for.

I'm amazed that these songs haven't triggered someone to just snap and start killing people. They're so deeply cheesified and uber girly-pop that I just want to scream when I hear them! But, they're also pretty dang catchy . . . and that just makes me more crazy. Ugh. It doesn't help when I sit right underneath the damn muzak speaker in the cubicle jungle.

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