Thursday, November 27, 2008

Turkey Day

Yes, it's Turkey Day. The holiday where you can eat more desserts because your bake-savvy relatives didn't spend all their money on presents! The holiday that all department stores and Walgreens seem to not care about anymore. Seriously, right after Halloween, all the stores put up their Christmas crap and totally forget about Thanksgiving. I think that's extremely disrespectful! About the only stores that care about Thanksgiving are grocery stores because (since no one is buying presents, if you follow my previous line of reasoning) everyone is spending their extra cash on ingredients for desserts! In essence, Thanksgiving is now a ploy by the food industry to make us fat, just as Christmas is a ploy to turn us all into materialistic goons. I suppose this would mean that grocery stores disrespect Christmas . . . Actually, they don't. Because Christmas is also about driving people into debt. The grocery stores know that people are spending most of their money on presents, but they also know that these people still want to buy tons of food, too! Therefore, grocery stores facilitate and encourage deficit spending by offering so many different products at a reduced price that helpless Americans can't resist buying more than is needed! I'm sure the average American has put most of their ridiculous Christmas presents on credit cards and will also put the grocery bill on a credit card so they can save the meager amount of cash that is available for utilities or a car payment. Really, holidays are about fostering unhealthy habits, be they spending money or eating too much. Happy Thanksgiving!

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