Saturday, November 22, 2008

And It Shall Be Your Downfall

After waking this morning around eleven and being greeted with a pounding headache I think I'm finally ready to accept that I'm addicted to caffeine. For a long time I've said that I'm not addicted to it and could quit with no problem, cold turkey. Well, I still think I could quit, but there would most definitely be problems.

Here's my standard caffeine day:
-8:00 AM: mug of homemade coffee as I start my workday.
-10:30 AM: The first break of the day, I'll either pull a Monster energy drink from my bag, go to Walgreens and buy one (or a soda: Diet Coke, Diet Pepsi, Diet Mountain Dew (if you have a keen eye you may see another problem which may soon lead to a myriad of problems from motor-skill difficulties to cancer of some unknown organ, but that's for another blog)), or I'll hit up one of the coffee shops in the area: Starbucks, The Coffee House, or Lincoln Espresso.
1:30 PM: Lunchtime, which comes with a soda from home. Lately, it's been Diet Sunkist.
2:30 PM or 3:00 PM: The afternoon break. I just might buy another soda or simply be content with water. Either way, I have to take frequent pee breaks. Sometimes it feels like my bladder is the size of a golf ball (too much information?).
5:30-6:00 PM: I'm home now, so I may just drink another soda with supper (and sometimes *gasp!* a beer. Not that that has anything to do with caffeine, unless you're one of those idiots who buys the whole caffeinated alcohol thing, "it won't make me drunk, it'll give me energy!" Again, something for another blog that isn't entirely encased in parentheses).

Really, it doesn't seem like I drink that much caffeine, but I think I do. I don't really notice until the weekends when I sleep in and then wake up with the aforementioned headache. I think I could quit, but it would be a little agonizing. But, why should I quit? So what if I'm a junkie, part of the largest drug addiction in the world. At least it's not crack or heroine!

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